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Chapter 2

Why The Open Letter?

       Father Gruner, do you think the Open Letter to the Pope of July 12, 1995 brought you any closer to your life’s goal?

       “Yes. I think it has already. But will it actually succeed?  That still depends. Let me explain.

       “First let me note that we are not here to blame the Pope or the bishops for not doing that act as commanded by Our Lady of Fatima. Nor is it our purpose to pass the buck, the responsibility, to everyone else so we can feel good about ourselves. We all, lay people, priests, bishops, Cardinals and even the Pope must realize that we are in this together.

       “In fact, the repercussions for good or evil do not only affect Catholics, but every man, woman and child on the face of the earth today and for generations to come. All of us, saint and sinner together, priests and bishops and laymen, will be either annihilated or enslaved unless this Fatima command is obeyed.

       “Time is of the essence to realize that we are like the people of God standing on the banks of the Red Sea1 and the army of God-hating militant atheists, secular humanists, new age fanatics, Masons, Marxists, just to name a few, are joined together to either kill or enslave anyone who doesn’t go along with their agenda.

       “There is no hope, no human solution, no escape from their clutches except through obedience to Our Lady of Fatima’s requests; in particular, the widespread praying of the daily Rosary, the practice of the Five First Saturdays, the conversion of hearts of enough people away from sin to the fervent practice of the Catholic Faith and above all and especially and necessarily, the obedience of the Pope and the bishops to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

       “If we do not achieve this goal in time then we shall be enslaved, imprisoned, impoverished, tortured, killed and entire nations annihilated. Until we become aware of  the solution and the urgency that time is running out, humanity could just slide into this disastrous punishment and still not know why it all happened.

       “Thus it is crucial to continue to talk about it, publish it and insist upon it;  in public and private; in season and out of season; in the hope, prayer and expectation that finally enough people will eventually pick up the ball and run with it.

       “Again I must insist; we are not here to blame anyone, but we must draw upon the lessons of history so that we are not condemned to repeating the same errors. Already since 1917, we have had the Spanish Civil War with 1.5 million dead, World War II with 50 million dead, the Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf conflict, Palestine, Bosnia, Somalia and many more too numerous to mention here; all because the solemn request for the consecration of Russia has not been effected since Our Lady’s request on June 13, 1929.

       “Conceivably, we could have World War III, and even more local, regional and global wars and, still, people would not know why it happened, nor would they know wherein lies the solution.

       “In the last 80 years, there were those who fought in the First World War on the promise that by joining in the battle they would end all wars, but obviously the secular solution to obtain world peace did not come out of WWI or from the League of Nations that followed World War I.

       “There are those in Germany who were terribly treated by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 following WWI and were essentially driven into the arms of Hitler and his brand of saving the German nation. That also ended in disaster, not only for the world but for them as well.

       “Then there are the idealists as well as the greedy who have rallied to the Communist solution which is essentially to inflict war on everyone and hate everyone who is not part of this Communist alliance.

       “This ‘solution’ of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Gorbachev, etc. to obtain world peace has been the greatest and the worst disaster mankind has ever faced and endured with more than l50,000,000 violent deaths perpetrated and justified in the name of helping the poor, world peace and prosperity.

       “Neither peace nor prosperity has resulted from this enormous human cost and billions and trillions of dollars spent by Russia for promoting their war against God and man, which, despite current propaganda, still enslaves over one billion people in China, North Korea and other places.

       “Then, there are those who put all their hope and faith in the democracies and trusted their secular political leaders, meanwhile the Christian citizens of the West have acquiesced in the  handing over of Christian Eastern Europe into the hands of the God-hating, Christian-hating Communists between l945 and l956, as well as handing China over to the Communists in l949.2

       “Defending Eastern Europe and particularly Poland, was the reason given for opposing Hitler in 1939, at the cost of 50 million dead. Yet, by the Yalta Treaty of 1945, Poland and Eastern Europe were handed into the power of the Soviets with not so much as a vote by the people of either Poland or of the Western democracies. Thus the secular, democratic “statesmen” and diplomats called us in to war to save Poland from Hitler, only to turn around and give Poland to Stalin who was just as bad as Hitler, if not worse.

       “After World War II, undaunted in this betrayal, the peoples of the world have been and continue to be sold the idea that peace can be achieved and maintained by the United Nations despite its sad history of leaving its fruits of war, destruction and disaster. This fact has already been  demonstrated in various books.

       “Then there is the secularist ideal of bringing peace to the world by opposing Communists simply by economic and military means. Billions and trillions of dollars have been spent in this endeavor and millions of lives have been lost in this ongoing warfare which seems at times to be somewhat successful and other times to be a losing battle. But while the Western democracies and the Western secular idealists claim victory, these same secular forces ignore the fact that whereas Communism could not kill the majority of citizens of the U.S. on the battlefield, it has achieved their aim by the cultural warfare of spreading the error of abortion so successfully that today more than 30 million citizens are dead because “in the land of the free and the home of the brave”, where no one should be deprived of life, without due process of law, more than 30 million Americans have in fact been murdered in their mother’s wombs without due process of law protecting them. And the slaughter goes on and on and on.

       “And other Western democracies: Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, etc., also have succumbed to the cultural warfare and the militant atheists who started this war and continue to wage it against us all so mercilessly. This war of ideas and social practices against God and man was perpetrated first of all by Russia and this war continues to spread out from Russia. At our  present rate of success against these errors we, in our old age, in the Western democracies will be telling the world how free we are now that our children and grandchildren are free to murder us through euthanasia instead of dying at the time, place and  moment that God has appointed for us.

       “No doubt, the devil and foolish human beings can persuade themselves with another 5, 10, 100 or 1000 solutions to the problem of bringing about world peace, and will spend billions and trillions of dollars proposing and imposing their ridiculous secularist solutions while the one and only way to world peace is unknown, or, if known, is ignored.

       “If one or two voices pop up and say, ‘Look at the Fatima solutions’, ‘At least try it’, the anti-God forces and secular humanists can depend upon the Pharisees in the Church and in the Vatican bureaucracy as well as  Pharisees like certain people we hear from who claim  to love Our Lady of Fatima, cry out: ‘Shame, shame, you are wasting money’; ‘Shame, shame, you are divisive, you lessen the prestige of the Holy See’; ‘Shame, shame, you are fighting against another Marian Apostolate’; ‘Shame, shame, you do not obey your bishop.’ They continue to shout: ‘Shame, shame,’ with all the other foolish reasons they give us for not insisting upon, broadcasting and  propagating the only solution for world peace. Also, mankind might be condemned to a hundred years of being enslaved by militant atheists, limited in giving birth to only one child per family as in China and to becoming simply cattle to serve the greedy and power-hungry rulers of the world in the New World Order, United Nations, One World Church and the Global Government.

       “People of various parts of the world, at various times in the past eighty years, have looked to the United Nations, the United States of America, Hitlerism, Communism, the New World Order, New Agers, all promising their own peculiar brand of  ‘world peace’ through the secular means of: spending billions of dollars, managing armies consisting of millions of soldiers, and hiring and paying for countless bureaucrats, politicians and diplomats who are in the service of National and International bodies around the world. They undertake merely human plans for peace, or oppose the totalitarian solutions offered by other human solutions often inspired directly by the devil himself.

       “Let me repeat, in all this, unless the only solution is announced, republicized, explained, urged and implemented, the whole of the human race is in grave danger. So, if we really love our fellow man, if we realize our obligation to the Common Good, if we truly love God Who commands us to love our neighbor, not in words only, but in deeds, then how can we not cry out, explain, and insist upon the only solution, both in public and private.

       “This applies not only to myself and those officially associated with our apostolate, but to all men, women and children who have been graced to hear, to know, and to understand the full Fatima message. When enough people actually obey and pass on as far as possible all of Our Lady’s urgent requests, then Our Lady will triumph.

       “So in this context, any reasonable public and private promotion of the Fatima message will bring us at least a little closer to the goal of world peace, the salvation of millions of souls and the magnificent triumph of the Holy, Maternal, loving, Immaculate Heart of Mary.

       “To explain further, I will use the Biblical example of the chosen people of God of the Old Covenant to describe the situation of the chosen people of God of the New and Everlasting Covenant.

       “The Old Covenant was truly of God, but it is not an everlasting covenant. Moses said that those physical decendants of Abraham would be cut off from the chosen people and the promises, who did not accept the Prophet to come, that is Jesus Christ. If they did accept Him they would become inheritors of the New and Everlasting Testament. Since Jesus has come into the world, born, lived, died and rose again; the Old Testament is over. But the examples given in the Old Testament were given for our edification and education and were also meant as the preparation for the New Testament.

       “Thus the example of the people of God on the banks of the Red Sea is most appropriate for our instruction and also for our consolation. As you recall, the Israelites were defenseless against the Egyptian army bearing down upon them in their chariots, with swords drawn ready to slaughter God’s people.3

       “They had nowhere to go and no defense at all when God gave the order to Moses to extend his arm over the Red Sea. The whole people of God were dependent upon the faith and obedience of one man, Moses. If he had not believed, or if he had not obeyed, the whole nation of Israel would have been wiped out then and there.

       “What took place on that day is an accurate picture of what the people of God in the New and Everlasting Testament (Covenant) are facing. We are defenseless. We are surrounded and our enemies are close to moving in for the kill. Many have not been watching and find it hard to see how close to slaughter true believers in Jesus Christ are — around the world.

       “But if you carefully read the propaganda of the New World Order, the One World Religion,  the New Agers, the Secular Humanists — not to mention the still-powerful hard line Communists — they are openly calling for death to all resisters to their ‘utopia’.  

       “Under the guise of ‘ecological reasons’ they are openly calling for the elimination of 4.5 billion people; that is nine-tenths of the present day world’s population. This is so incredible that I plan to print in an upcoming Fatima Crusader, a photograph of the obelisk with their above-mentioned intent inscribed in stone which stands today in Elberton, Georgia. (See photo section)

       “Once the larger picture is seen, once the full message of Fatima is understood, we cannot think anyone would not do their part — or at least within the measure that human weakness allows each of them to try to do their part to promote knowledge of and obedience to the precise requests of Our Lady of Fatima.

       “It does not require the whole of humanity to understand and obey at first. It does not even require the whole membership of the Catholic Church to do so immediately, although their obedience is eventually expected after the initial triumph of Our Lady for the conversion of Russia.

       “So what is it that this sufficient number of people must obey, and what must they do? Let us examine this because it indicates how we should use our limited resources of time, energy, money and positions of influence.

       “In one sense, all that is needed is for the Pope, one man, to obey. Uniquely and ultimately it depends on the Pope, just as it depended on Moses in the Old Testament, by his unique, personal, and official obedience,  to deliver the people of God.

       “If our Open Letter had convinced the Pope to obey, it would have been enough. The Holy Father wants to obey but  feels he cannot obey until his bishops at first indicate their willingness to join him when he finally gives the command to consecrate Russia together with him.

       “Thus we sent the Open Letter to all the Catholic bishops of the world in six different languages. We also sent it to 85,000 English-speaking Catholic priests.

       “We must note here that there are those who claim there are other considerations which seem also to obstruct the Pope’s fulfillment of Our Lady’s requests. Ultimately, the Pope needs our prayers. Jesus said, ‘Pray a great deal for the Holy Father, he will do it (the consecration of Russia as requested by Our Lady of Fatima) but it will be late.’

       “We must pray that the political pressures within and outside the Church change so the Pope feels free to do the consecration. Or we could simply pray that he overcomes his fearful perceptions and trusts in God and Our Lady that they will take care of the small details that now obstruct his path. To God all things are possible.

       “But you may ask, if the Pope only needs prayers, he knows that better than you — why does he not say anything? Sister Lucy, on December 26, 1957, gave us the answer:

       ‘Father, we should not wait for an appeal to the world to come from Rome on the part of the Holy Father, to do penance. Nor should we wait for the call to penance to come from our bishops in our diocese, nor from the religious congregations. No! Our Lord has already very often used these means and the world has not paid attention. That is why now, it is necessary for each one of us to begin to reform himself spiritually. Each person must not only save his own soul but also all the souls that God has placed on our path...’

       “Our Open Letter was a call for all men of good will to do that; it was not only addressed to the Pope. Our Lady’s message would go much further if it was not simply dependent on one or two small voices of priests like myself to be heard.

       “So our Open Letter is an appeal to everyone; priests, bishops and laypeople, to accept the call and add their voice of support, or at least to do what they can in their own area.

       “But the Open Letter was also necessary to expose what certain Vatican bureaucrats were doing to obstruct our legitimate efforts and to prevent them from further fooling the public with their lies, slander and pressure tactics. We had hoped they would, at the very least, cease and desist. But they did not, as is evidenced by their immoral and illegal tricks they pulled against our 1996 Congress of Bishops held in Rome, November 18-24. At least now they cannot say they weren’t warned and the Holy Father and others know we tried to correct our brothers as Christ advised us to do, (Mt. 18:15) before going to lodge formal legal complaints against them in Church courts.

       “We take no pleasure in doing this. Frankly, I would prefer to live my life free from such struggles and in peace, but since every other avenue we have pursued has been blocked, we are left with no choice.

       “Since the Open Letter did not succeed in the short run against this persecution, it at least set the stage for going to the next step in the formal legal procedures against the Vatican bureaucrats who are enemies of Our Lady of Fatima.

       “A number of members and supporters of the Apostolate have filed a formal legal brief (Libellus)* to the Pope as is our guaranteed right defined as Catholic Dogma by the Second Council of Lyons in 1274 and the First Vatican Council in 1870 and as codified in the New Code, (e.g. Canon 1405, 1406).

       “Will that at least open the doors for the full Fatima message being given the hearing, the attention, the obedience that Our Lady deserves? Time will tell!

       “Like the blind man who was cured because he kept crying out ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me’ even though he was told by others to be quiet. (Luke 18:38-43) Similarly, we must cry out to the Pope despite the fact that those around him tell us to be silent.”

* See Appendix VII A Canonical Petition to John Paul II by Coralie Graham, Mairead Clarke and Mary Sedore.


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