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Chapter 3

The Truth Will Make You Free

       I have talked to a number of your critics and they say, “You are divisive, you are scandalous, you lessen the prestige of the Holy See, you are against the Holy Father, you have a false idea of the role of the laity and hierarchy, you are wasting your time and resources; by insisting on propagating the full Fatima message and in particular on insisting about the consecration of Russia.”

       What do you reply to these criticisms?

       “These remarks are all so general, it would require a separate book just to answer them but obviously we haven’t time here to do that.

       “I would first point out that I have already answered some of these criticisms at greater length in The Fatima Crusader and some as well are answered in my book World Enslavement or Peace.

       “Secondly, to limit my reply to a manageable size, I will not explain here the ‘Catholic terms’. For those outside the household of the Catholic Faith I will be happy to explain further if they wish to contact me. For agnostics and atheists who deny any common premise from which we can build an understanding, my answer will never satisfy them other than to say to them that it costs really nothing to do the consecration. If nothing happens, nothing really is lost. If the great good of world peace follows, then they should realize that it is only by the Divine intervention of God that it has come about.

       “To people of good will whose background I have not included above, who cannot follow the truth and proof of what I say, I invite them to write to me, so we can address their concerns.

       “Since Pope John Paul II has said that the Message of Fatima is addressed to every human being, and since we are the only worldwide Apostolate of Our Lady of Fatima that daily reaches out by Radio, TV, books, magazines and World Wide Web site (see address at Appendix I) to countless people with the full message, we try to answer any genuine questions by giving them an honest complete answer. There is no question on Fatima and our Apostolate that cannot be answered. The truth is on our side or more exactly, we are on the side of truth.

       “To all those questions, I say, if you know the whole truth about Fatima, then you should understand that we have no other choice but to proclaim the truth, to insist upon the truth being proclaimed and to defend our right and the right of every one to hear the truth, know the truth, repeatedly proclaim the truth and live by the truth.

       “Our Lord said ‘The truth will make you free’ (Jn. 8:32). The new Code of Canon Law also says that everyone has the right to seek the truth. It is not the Church that gives that right, nor the Pope, the bishop, the president, the Prime Minister, but it is God Himself who gives us the right to seek, know, and live by the truth. God also demands that we seek, know, and live by the truth because it is our solemn obligation.

       “To those who claim knowledge of Fatima, but who still question our insistence upon its proclamation, even if they are of good will, it seems to me that despite what they think about their knowledge of Fatima, they are in fact ignorant. They are all the more dangerous because they think they know, they will claim sincerity of intention while they go about (in their ignorance) attacking those who are serving God, Our Lady and the truth.

       “If their ignorance is only pretended, and not real, then they are malicious. If their ignorance is in some way due to their own fault, for example, by refusing to apply themselves to learn when they could; by relying on obviously false ‘experts’; by refusing to see the other point of view because it is inconvenient to their lifestyle or the demands of their confused friends, then their ignorance would be guilty ignorance and would not excuse them on judgment day. To the extent that their ignorance is their own fault, will be the extent God will hold them responsible for all the harm they do for opposing Fatima.

       “Only God can judge whether the actions of some bureaucratic authorities in the Church is due to malice or ignorance. God will judge all those, who behind closed doors, in whispers tell others in power, authority and influence — to not help the cause of Our Lady of Fatima and Father Gruner, who is trying to promote Fatima. They accuse me of being divisive even though they know (or should know) that such a question is to be judged by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  Insiders in the Vatican who are opponents of my Apostolate and of Our Lady of Fatima know that they do not like what I say so they want me silenced. Yet there is nothing illegal or immoral about what I say so they seek to silence me by attacking me indirectly.

       “As Chris Ferrara pointed out in his speech at Fatima 2000, (See Appendix VIII) my enemies have imposed a totally unjust legal proceeding against me. The very same bureaucrats who want me silenced but have no legal grounds for demanding it, have themselves broken the law by: 1) Persecuting me by, among other things, libelous statements against me in the press; 2) Then pretended to be impartial judges after manipulating that the case came before them; 3) Then ruling that I am disobedient when it is they themselves who have made it physically and morally impossible to obey their order to find a new bishop to incardinate me; 4) They therefore rule on the basis of my ‘failure to obey’ this first order that now I am to be silenced, to amend for my first disobedience.

       “There are officials who claim jurisdiction that is not theirs to have. They claim knowledge and they profess to be ‘judges in Israel’ yet they will not follow procedures that protect them from making errors against the defendant. They are guilty like the Pharisees of old who were guilty for not following the procedures designed to prevent them from passing sentence on the ‘Innocent one of the Lord,’ the Messiah.

       “But to come back to the main point —

       “If people knew Fatima, then they would know that only through Our Lady and obedience to Her formal solemn request that the Pope and the bishops consecrate Russia, and only through this obedience to Her request,  that Russia be solemnly, publicly, explicitly, exclusively, on the same day, at the same hour, consecrated by the Pope and all the Catholic bishops will there be peace throughout the world and there would be the salvation of millions and millions of souls.

       “And if there is not this obedience then wars will continue, both large and small, around the world. Also, millions of souls who otherwise would be saved will continue to fall into hell for all eternity through their own individual lack of cooperation with grace. And some of those going there may well be those who oppose Fatima in their ignorance or their malice.

       “If this obedience is not done in time then ‘various (entire) nations will be annihilated’1 and the rest of the world will be enslaved by militant atheists.

       “With such a great good to be achieved and such a great evil to be avoided, how can we, and for that matter everyone else too, not continue to insist, publish, petition, promote and persuade others to work with all legitimate means to bring about the Consecration of Russia as commanded by Our Heavenly Mother, Our Heavenly Queen who has the right and the power to command us to work, pray, sacrifice towards this end.

       “All those who still protest seem to have forgotten the Pharisees. They fall into pharisaical scandal. In essence they say, ‘Since what you do scandalized us, you must stop because we are scandalized.’ To them I reply like Jesus did, ‘Ignore them; they are blind and leaders of the blind and both of them will fall into the pit.’ (Mt. 15:13)

       These are strong words. How can you justify them?

       “Remember I started off by pointing out that we are talking about people who know, claim to know, or who should know the full Fatima message. If they don’t know it, then they owe it to their eternal salvation to learn it before they sit in judgment on those who promote it vigorously.

       “To explain further, there are three kinds of scandal.2 Each kind is very different from the other, and what we must do in the face of the third kind is also different from what we must do in the face of the first two kinds.

       “The first kind is ‘scandal in itself’, the second kind is ‘scandal of the little ones’, and the third kind is ‘pharisaical scandal’.

       It is important to have a clear understanding and description of each kind. It is especially important to know the essential difference between ‘pharisaical scandal’ and the ‘scandal of the little ones’, because there are Pharisees who sometimes call themselves ‘little ones’ and we must not be fooled by this sinister maneuver.

       “Before I go on, I wish to reassure you that everything I am saying about the three kinds of scandal directly relates to the question I have been asked and the criticisms about lessening the prestige of the Holy Father.

       “The first kind, ‘scandal in itself,’ is when a person does something against the law of God, and another person seeing him do it follows the bad example. For example, if the first person steals goods from a store, the second person following his example is guilty of the sin of theft, but the first person is guilty of the sin of theft and also guilty of scandal. Also, if a third person should steal because of the bad example of the second person, the second person too would then be guilty of the sin of scandal. This is ‘scandal in itself’.

       “The second kind is ‘the scandal of the little ones’. This is different from the first kind, because the person committing this scandal does not break the law of God in what he did in itself, but only because a little one who misunderstands his action goes out and actually does commit a sin that he thought he saw the first person do.

       “This sounds complicated but it is really quite simple.

       “St. Paul in Sacred Scripture explains it with this example.3 A Catholic, who knew his Faith very well, and therefore knew that ‘idols are not gods,’ and that meat sacrificed to idols hasn’t really changed at all, and that all meat exists because the one true God created it for the nourishment of man as Genesis says, would realize that he would not sin if he bought meat sacrificed to idols in pagan Greece or Rome.

       “St. Paul confirmed that in itself, this would not be a sin for that well informed Catholic.

       “However, if this action was seen by a little one and this little one, a poorly educated Catholic, were to draw the false conclusion that the educated Catholic was now offering sacrifice to idols, and thus this poor little one, this uneducated Catholic were to go and actually offer sacrifice to idols himself, then a little one would have been scandalized.

       “This is ‘the scandal of the little ones,’ and although the act of buying and eating meat sacrificed to idols was not in itself wrong to one who can make all the proper distinctions — it was nevertheless wrong because a little one who witnessed this was led into sin. So, this first person in this example was guilty of sin for misleading a little one.

       “It is important to note that the good to be achieved by the first act, eating of meat, was very small in comparison to the evil effect. That little one was led into losing his soul. This limited good of eating meat could have been achieved in other ways such as going to another butcher shop that didn’t sell the meat offered to idols. We must look out for the little ones, who are poorly educated, who have feeble minds, who cannot see the real distinction between two acts that look so similar.

       “But that does not mean we always stop doing anything just because someone shrieks ‘I am scandalized by what you do, by what you say.’ There are times when we must go on despite their scandal, because they are acting like the Pharisees. We must, in those cases, say with Jesus, ‘Blessed is the man who is not scandalized in what I do’ (Mt. 11:6).

       “You see, the first moral law is stated clearly in the principle Do good, avoid evil. We are not only commanded to avoid evil, but we are also commanded to do good. It is precisely because of this first principle that we must do the good that is set before us even if the Pharisees cry out to us to stop and tell us they are scandalized. Even if the Pharisees drag us before the State or Church courts, and pronounce a sentence of ‘justice’ on us, as was done to St. Joan of Arc. She was condemned by a Church court, but she is a canonized Saint today, because despite those Pharisees, she insisted on doing good.

       “What then is pharisaical scandal? It is when a person does an important good deed that the Pharisee wants to stop because he does not agree with it, either at that time, or at that place, or in the manner, or some other pretext he offers for obstructing the good deed.

       “Our Lord healed on the Sabbath. The Pharisees claiming the law, told him to stop, to not do the good of healing on the Sabbath. Our Lord went on anyway and did the good. He also pointed out to the Pharisees that they were using a double standard of weighing His good deeds against the deeds they did allow by their human traditions, such as allowing a man to work very hard to pull his donkey out of a pit on the Sabbath. If this was lawful to do, as Our Lord Himself did not dispute, then it is obvious that the good He achieved on the Sabbath, namely pulling a man out of the pit of illness, blindness, crippledness was a much greater good and therefore also allowable on the Sabbath. The Pharisees’ bad will was evident by their refusing to answer Our Lord’s honest question. If they did answer, they would have to acknowledge the truth of what He said and the intrinsic goodness of what He did, and that He broke no law by doing that good deed on the Sabbath.

       “So the lesson here is that we must do all the good we can despite all the Pharisees who tell us they are scandalized. Despite the garb these Pharisees clothe themselves in, be it the garb of ‘little ones’ who feign scandal, or be it the garb of an Archbishop in the Vatican who tells canon lawyers not to defend me in the Apostolic Signatura because what Father Gruner says is ‘divisive’. I am ‘guilty of being divisive’ because what I do separates the followers of Our Lady from those of the devil.”

       Father Gruner, do you think that everyone who opposes the publication of the full Fatima message, especially the command to consecrate Russia, is a follower of the devil?

       “I must insist, I do not judge people’s hearts or intentions unless people explicitly declare them. Not every opponent and quite possibly not even the majority of those who oppose Our Lady’s most solemn request do it because they are satanists or devil worshipers, but all who oppose the Mother of God’s command by their actions, words or omissions are to that extent helping the devil, following him, because they do what the devil wants them to do, since satan knows that when Our Lady’s command is obeyed, the devil’s empire on earth will be finished, utterly destroyed by Our Lady’s triumph, which will only come through the Pope’s fulfilling Her command to consecrate Russia in the manner specified.

       “There are many shallow criticisms, spoken by some priests or prominent laypeople who you would think know better. Perhaps I give them too much credit for intelligence or maybe they are just overworked and fatigued but their remarks need to be answered lest their errors ensnare little ones because of the prestige of those opponents of Fatima.

       “And those who claim I lessen the prestige of the Holy Father, of the Holy See, of wasting time and money etc., are really telling me: ‘Let the whole world be enslaved. Let the ministers of Christ and the Church be led to the guillotine like Jesus warned would happen if they disobeyed and delayed. Let entire nations be annihilated, wiped off the face of the earth.  Let millions of souls be lost forever in Hell who could otherwise be easily saved. Let your mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, child, be tortured, raped, imprisoned, enslaved, murdered’ rather than let a few people be slightly embarrassed ever so briefly.

       “The difference is clear — the good to be achieved by crying out the louder, the longer and the clearer is infinitely important. The evil that they say I do is non-existent. I must follow Our Lord’s words and ignore them because they are blind and leaders of the blind.

       “Also, as St. Paul says to the blind of heart ‘... seeing you shall see and shall not perceive’.” (Acts 28:26)

       “Now if they are not blind, but only ignorant, I remind them of their own obligation to know the whole truth about Fatima. Let them read Frère Michel, Frère François or my book.

       “If they are still not convinced then let us defend our intellectual positions before impartial judges, with the impartial rules of debate being followed to the letter. Anyone of good will can come to know the whole truth about Fatima and our mutual obligation to promote this great good without ceasing and without hindrance of Pharisees at whatever level in the Church — from layman to the Holy See itself.”


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