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Chapter 4

Historic Crossroads

       Father Gruner tell us why this work you do is so important at this time.

       “You see we are at an historic crossroads. Most people do not realize it, nevertheless, it is where we are.

       “This is not simply my view but that of Pope John Paul II as well. Our present Holy Father, before his election to the papacy, went to the Eucharistic Congress in the United States in 1976. There in his formal address he said:

       ‘We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think the wide circle of the Christian community realizes this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel, between Christ and the Antichrist. This confrontation lies within the plans of Divine providence: it is a trial which the whole Church must take up.’1

       “Today more than ever we face a most grave crisis. Before humanity lies apostasy and annihilation, or peace and salvation. How can I, in a few words, clearly show you this reality and demonstrate that mankind today really has only one way to achieve peace and salvation?

       “First of all, God has made men to live in society. By his very nature, man is meant to live together in houses, villages, cities, cultures and civilizations. He has done so for all history. Man is born into a family, lives with his parents, brothers and sisters, and works with his colleagues and continues through life living, working, recreating and learning; always in the company of friends and associates. There are times when he is alone, but not for long, except in the rare case of less than 1% of men who are hermits.

       “Secondly, men live and work together because they share common goals. Their goals define their society. It is the very nature of men to share not only each others’ company, but each others’ purposes.

       “Thirdly, St. Augustine points out that there are really only two cities or civilizations of men. There is the city of God, that is human society built upon the ideal, the purpose of loving God and keeping His law. And there is the city of man, which puts seeking man’s happiness on earth as its primary purpose, even to the point of excluding God and His laws.2

       “The city of God  has Jesus Christ as the King and Mary as its Queen. The city of man, built upon the love of man, and the hatred of God has the devil as its master. Satan is the prince of this world, as Jesus said.3

       “Now these two cities, or civilizations, are at war, and have been at war, hot or cold, throughout human history. In fact, the enmity of the children of Mary against the children of the devil goes back to the first book of the Bible. In Genesis God speaks and says:

       ‘I will put enmity between thee and the Woman, between thy seed and Her seed, and She shall crush thy head.’4

       “Now this enmity between the followers of Mary and the followers of the devil has continued through the centuries and is vigorously playing itself out in our time.

       “There are various levels of commitment by the followers of either side to their own leader, but all people sooner or later have to choose sides. Each side has those who see the battle lines more clearly and what must be done to advance their cause. Also, each side has written and published their battle plans and strategies extensively, and has left a record of previous skirmishes and battles, won and lost.

       “As Pope Pius XII pointed out: in 1517, Luther said Yes to God, Yes to Christ, No to His Church.

       In 1717, the Masons said Yes to God, No to Christ, No to His Church.

       In 1917, Marx and Lenin said No to God.

       “Now the ‘No’ to the Church leads eventually to ‘No’ to Christ. Because if you truly love Christ you will love His Spotless Bride, the Church. If you reject His Church you will eventually end up rejecting Christ. Similarly, if you reject Christ, you will also end up eventually rejecting God.

       “Now it is in 1917 that Our Lady promises to reverse all the above ‘No’s’ when Her requests are granted. Russia will be converted and peace will come to the world. But the peace can only come to the whole world when the anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Church forces are converted away from their sin to be pro-God, pro-Christ, pro-His Church.

       “Certainly, down to our times, there are secret and open societies who have declared war on Christ, Mary, the Catholic Church,  Christian civilization and the Catholic soul, conscience and heart. Two of the most famous to openly declare this warfare against the Church and its members is Masonry and communism, in all their colors and forms, shapes and sizes.

       “Furthermore, not one of these anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Church movements has ever publicly repented of its goals. To do so, they would have to truly convert and become Catholic, and that, everyone knows has not happened.

       “I hope that this bare outline is enough for you to understand the truth that each man, and by extension each society, is either for Christ or against Him. There is no middle ground. ‘He that is not with Me, is against Me’.5 ‘He who is not against you is for you’.6

       “As men became more organized in society they gathered together with others of like mind and purpose and thus there emerges those fervently committed to God, His Revelation, His Sacraments and His law; and there are those who are militantly against Christ and His Church.

       “These forces have come to a decisive battle in the 20th Century. It was easier for the common man to see the battle before the recent smoke screen of Perestroika.7 However, despite the smoke screen, the hearts and intentions of both sides remain the same; to be intensely for God first and above all or to be against God and for the establishment of the kingdom of man under the leadership of satan who promises paradise on earth, and ‘man will be as gods.’

       “This decisive battle is taking place in our time and it is why Our Lady came with such power, and such tears and love and warning. It is why She said to us in this time ‘Only I can help you.’

       “In the light of this background we need to clearly see and survey the only three strategies open to us at this time. We need to consider the example of Mr. Evil Hunter and Mr. Intended Victim. Mr. Hunter is a man who, together with his friends, has previously killed 160,000,000 ‘Victims’ and he has sworn with the most solemn oaths that his purpose is to wipe out Mr. Victim and all his friends and relatives.

       “So Mr. Hunter tells Mr. Victim, ‘I am going to kill you’.

       “Mr. Victim basically has three choices. It could be said that he has a fourth choice, which is to give up and let himself be killed. But he cannot do this in conscience since God expects him to pass on his sacred heritage of the Faith and civilization to the new generation.

       “So Mr. Victim really only has three choices. He can run away, hoping to avoid ever meeting Mr. Hunter; he can stay and fight hoping to overpower Hunter and win and thereby survive Mr. Hunter’s attack; or he can negotiate. He would hope to persuade Mr. Hunter to change his mind and decide to not kill Mr. Victim. Run, fight, negotiate. There are no other choices.

       “This picture of Hunter and Victim is an image of militant anti-God forces against the Catholic Church. The Church can hope to survive by either fleeing the battlefield, fighting, or negotiating with the enemy in the hope of persuading them.

       “Now, at this juncture of history, Our Lady appears at Fatima to tell the Pope, the Cardinals and the bishops that they only really have one choice and that nothing else will work.

       “Obviously, the Church can’t run, since both the anti-God forces and the Catholic Church are worldwide and there is no place to run to. So that leaves two choices. Fight or negotiate.

       “Some bureaucrats in the Vatican have decided they do not have the firepower to win in a fight so they must negotiate. Here we have the Vatican-Moscow Agreement,8 to not denounce the errors of Communism. The guarantee of silence by the Vatican and all its Nuncios in the face of the greatest social crime of Godless Communism imposed on nearly one-third the world’s population was exacted as the price Russia demanded of the Vatican before negotiations would continue.

       “It is specifically this silence, the wrongful putting away of the moral authority to speak out against the organized enemies of the Church, the State, and salvation of souls, that has spiritually and temporally disarmed the Church. It cannot fight; at least not directed from headquarters because headquarters has agreed to lay down the sword of truth against these adversaries. This first round of negotiating has already made the Church a sure loser in this battle of wits because the publishing of the truth about Communism, militant atheism, and satanism is a necessary weapon, in the natural order that the Church has in this war to death with its mortal enemies.

       “Mr. Hunter is analogous to the anti-God forces which have sworn enmity to Christ, His Church and His followers. The anti-God forces have openly made Russia their headquarters in their fight against God and His Church.

       “The Church cannot give up the weapon of truth. But that weapon alone is not enough to win this fight. It also needs the supernatural help of Heaven, more exactly the help of Our Lady Herself. This is in fact the explicit teaching of Our Lady of Fatima. She says ‘Only I can help you’.9

       “She warned that in this battle with the mortal enemies of Christianity, we are bound to lose unless we use the specific means She offered in Her Fatima message. ‘Russia is the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation’.10 But the only way to convert Russia is ‘by this means’; that is the Consecration of Russia in the explicit manner Our Lady of Fatima commanded.

       “Professor William Thomas Walsh reports ‘Sister Lucy made it plain that Our Lady did not ask for the consecration of the world to Her Immaculate Heart. What She demanded specifically was the consecration of Russia ... She said more than once and with deliberate emphasis: ‘What Our Lady wants is that the Pope and all the bishops in the world shall consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart on one special day. If this is done, She will convert Russia and there will be peace. If it is not done the errors of Russia will spread through every country in the world.’

       “Professor Walsh asked through his interpreter, Father Manuel Rocha, ‘Does this mean in your opinion that every country without exception will be overcome by communism?’ Sister Lucy answered ‘Yes.’ Father Rocha continues, ‘Mr. Walsh wanted to be positive about the answer and therefore repeated the question adding ‘and does that mean the United States of America too?’ Sister Lucy answered ‘Yes’.

       “I must repeat, the only way to convert Russia is the consecration of Russia by the Pope and the bishops. Our Lady said most solemnly, ‘The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father to make, together with all the Catholic Bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it, by this means.11

       “There is no other means to save Russia. When Sister Lucy asked Jesus to explain why He would not convert Russia except through that consecration, Jesus replied, ‘Because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that it may extend its cult later on, and put the devotion to this Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart.’12

       “After a great struggle, we know Our Lady’s children will be on the winning side because Our Lady said ‘In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me. Russia will be converted and a period of peace will be given to the world.’13

       “But the victory will only come when we take Our Lady’s advice. Instead of negotiating, we must fight our mortal enemies, not only with the sword of truth but above all with the one weapon that Our Lady gives us that promises ultimate victory. Without it we shall lose the battle. That weapon is the consecration of specifically Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and the bishops in a solemn, public way, on the same day, at the same hour.

       “It is not through negotiating. The weapon is not to kill but to convert the anti-God forces in Russia away from the devil to the cause of Christ and His Church.

       “There is no other strategy that will win for us. Every other strategy will lose. We must ‘pray a great deal for the Holy Father’14 as Jesus told us to in the Fatima message. We have His assurance ‘He (the Holy Father) will do it (the consecration) but it will be late.’15 (Not “too” late as some have misstated.)

       “We must never lose hope in the dark hours ahead while our leaders  seem oblivious to the only solution, the full Fatima message, or they seem to think it is optional. It is not. Or that it is unimportant. Nothing is more important. Or that it is not binding upon them. It is most solemnly binding upon peril of their souls and lives. Or that they think they have fulfilled their obligation to this request. They most certainly have not. All these things we can prove in our public writings if we have not already done so.

       “But in the meantime, while we await our opportunity to do our duty and explain in depth in person to the bishops and Cardinals why we have no other choice; we, while we wait and work very ineffectively, must, above all, hope and pray. As Jesus said: ‘It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.’16

       “You ask: ‘What is your opponents’ position regarding the consecration of Russia, what do they say?’ The only opponents there are who have professed any position at all say that the consecration of Russia was done March 25, 1984.

       “Unbelievably, they expect the whole Catholic Faithful to believe this when it is obviously not true. Our Lady promised the conversion of Russia. She was not talking about Perestroika but conversion to the Catholic Faith. Today we have the perversion of Russia even worse than before with their introduction of Western-style prostitution and pornography. That was not there before except for tourists.

       “Russia certainly is not Catholic today. The present day Administrator of the Latin Rite Diocese of Moscow will not accept converts from the Russian Orthodox Church. It is his policy, (thanks to the Balamand Agreement), so as to not disturb the Russian Orthodox Church leaders. Surely, as long as that Latin Rite Bishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz and his policy are there, we will never have the conversion of Russia.

       “The fact is that 13 years after the supposed Consecration, there are still no fruits of world peace. There are still 10 million victims of wars, not counting the 650 million victims of the war upon the unborn in the past 13 years alone. Certainly, this is not the peace Our Lady promised.

       “When Our Lady appeared at Fatima, Portugal was under a Godless government — the openly Masonic government. Within two years of Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima, the Masonic anti-Church laws and policies were repealed. Within nine years, the government was replaced by a pro-Catholic government. When Our Lady appeared in Mexico on December 12, 1531, there were almost no Catholics, zero among the natives.  Ten years later, the whole Mexican nation of natives was practically all Catholic. Now after 13 years the hidden hand of the Communist party, the KGB or whatever its new name is, and the Red Army are still obviously very much in control.

       “The two books by Anatoliy Golitsyn, New Lies for Old and The Perestroika Deception, published in 1984 and 1995, proves this to any serious scholar of the Moscow scene. Russia has not changed its goal of world domination. If we need to, we can demonstrate that with hundreds of significant facts, except to those who prefer not to see.  Presently, the Communist Party USA reports its best years of recruitment among the American people.

       “Apart from the fact that the fruits promised by Our Lady of Fatima and by Jesus Himself are not achieved, it is also easy to demonstrate that the consecration of March 25, 1984, did not fulfill the commands of Our Lady. To do this, let me leave Father Paul Leonard, who publicly disputed this subject with Father Fox, point out the obvious.

       “Both in 1990 and in 1992 Father Paul challenged Father Fox to answer the following nine points. To date, seven years later, Father Fox still has not answered. Here we quote Father Paul Leonard at length.

       ‘What can be said about a person who ignores the argument and the evidence that proves his position to be erroneous? It is difficult to believe how such a person can be honest. Such a person appears to wilfully resist the truth, or at least remains wilfully blind to the truth. This appears to me to be the state of mind of Father Fox.

       ‘It may appear at first to some that I judge Father Fox harshly, but I believe that the facts speak for themselves, and the material that Father Fox publishes presents a strong case against himself.

       ‘Father Fox has made no attempt to answer the serious arguments and evidence that The Fatima Crusader has presented, which demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that the consecration of Russia requested by Our Lady of Fatima has not yet been done.

Facts Father Fox Chooses To Ignore

       ‘Here is some of that evidence:

       Fact #1 Sister Lucy gives two versions of the words that Our Lady of Fatima spoke to her in the apparition of June 13, 1929:

       a) The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the bishops of the world, to consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means”.

       b) The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father to make, and to order that in union with him and at the same time, all the bishops of the world make the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart...”

       Fact #2  Sister Lucy wrote in a text she gave to Father Gonçalves in 1930:

       ‘The Good God promises to make an end of the persecution in Russia if the Holy Father deigns to make, and orders to be made, by all the bishops of the Catholic World, a solemn and public act of reparation and consecration of Russia to the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and if in return for the end of this persecution His Holiness promises to approve and recommend the practice of reparatory devotion (the Five First Saturdays).’

       Fact #3 She wrote in a letter dated June 12, 1930:

       ‘If the Holy Father will himself make a solemn act of reparation and consecration of Russia ... as well as ordering all the bishops of the Catholic world to do the same.’

       Fact #4 On March 21, 1982, Sister Lucy declared in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio to Lisbon, Archbishop Portalupi, the Bishop of Leiria and Dr. Lacerda that the Pope must select a date on which to order the bishops of the whole world to make a public and solemn act of reparation and consecration of Russia to the most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, each in his own cathedral and at the same time as performed by the Pope.

       Fact #5 On the afternoon of March 19, 1983, the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Portalupi, met with Sister Lucy in order to establish precisely what Sister Lucy had to say concerning the consecration of the world that the Pope had performed on May 13, 1982. Besides the Nuncio, two other witnesses were present, Dr. Lacerda and Father Messias Coelho. Sister Lucy declared that “the consecration of Russia has not been made as Our Lady has demanded” and she added,

       ‘I could not say so because I did not have the permission of the Holy See.’

       In that same interview, Sister Lucy explained the reasons why the Holy Father’s 1982 consecration did not fulfill Our Lady of Fatima’s request:

       a) Russia had not clearly been indicated as the object of the consecration.

       b) Each bishop had not made a public and solemn ceremony in his own cathedral.

       Fact #6 The Pope’s March 25, 1984 consecration of the world did not clearly indicate Russia as its object and each bishop did not participate by making a public and solemn ceremony in his own cathedral. Sister Lucy, therefore, has already stated in 1983 the reasons why the 1984 consecration does not fulfill Our Lady’s request for the consecration of Russia.

       Fact #7 On July 20, 1987, Sister Lucy stated to Enrique Romero in a subsequently published interview that the consecration of Russia requested by Our Lady of Fatima is not yet done.

       Fact #8 In an interview which appeared in the September 1985 issue of Sol de Fatima, Sister Lucy was asked if the Pope fulfilled the request made by Our Lady at Tuy when he consecrated the world on March 25, 1984. Sister Lucy answered: “There was no participation of all the bishops, and there was no mention of Russia.” The interviewer then asked, “So the consecration was not done as requested by Our Lady?” Sister Lucy answered: “No. Many bishops attached no importance to this act.”

       Fact #9 Pope John Paul II on March 25, 1984, after he had consecrated the world, twice addressed words to Our Lady of Fatima which contained a clear admission that the Consecration that She requested still remained to be done. His words, published in the Vatican Newspaper, LOsservatore Romano, were: “Enlighten especially the peoples of which You Yourself are awaiting our consecration and confiding”. Several hours later the Holy Father again addressed Our Lady of Fatima in St. Peter’s Basilica with these words:

       ‘We wished to choose this Sunday for the act of entrusting and consecration of the world ... of all peoples especially those who have a very great need of this consecration and entrustment, of those peoples for whom You Yourself ARE AWAITING our act of consecration.

Our Reflections On These Facts

       ‘These public utterances of the Holy Father clearly demonstrate that the Pope is himself aware of the fact that Our Lady of Fatima is still waiting for the consecration of Russia to be performed.

       ‘In fact #1 we have the Blessed Virgin’s own words explaining that God asks that the Pope order all the Catholic Bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In facts #2 and #3 we have Sister Lucy’s handwritten text specifying precisely the same thing as the Blessed Virgin, namely that the Pope must order all the Catholic bishops of the world to consecrate Russia.

       ‘In fact #4, we have Sister Lucy’s official and public statement explicitly setting forth the very same conditions that she has been consistently stating for more than fifty years, namely that Our Lady requires that the Pope order all of the Catholic bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

       ‘On May 13, 1982, the Pope consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The evidence in fact #5 establishes the fact that Sister Lucy, carrying out her God-given mission to make known to God’s ministers His (and Our Lady’s) request, states that the 1982 consecration did not fulfill Our Lady’s request for two reasons:

       1. Russia was not clearly indicated as the object of the consecration.

       2. Each bishop did not participate in a solemn and public manner.

       “In 1985 Sister Lucy says that the March 25, 1984 consecration did NOT fulfill Our Ladys request for the same two reasons. (Fact #8.)

       ‘In fact #9 we have the Pope’s own public acknowledgment that the consecration of Russia requested by Our Lady of Fatima has not yet been done. It is very strange indeed that Father Fox, when he reproduced the formula of consecration recited by the Pope on March 25, 1984, deleted this critical passage from the text.

This Evidence Cannot Be Dismissed

       ‘Until now Father Fox has not given clear and direct answers to the evidence presented in all of the above points (Let the reader bear in mind that all of this evidence has already been published in past issues of The Fatima Crusader). The evidence that I have presented may not be dismissed or ignored: It is the words of Sister Lucy, the Pope and the Blessed Virgin Herself.

       ‘It certainly appears that Father Fox thus far has desperately avoided any confrontation with the already published evidence when he presents his reasons for believing that the consecration of Russia requested by Our Lady of Fatima has already been done. Father Fox’s pronouncements do exhibit an immense degree of confusion and a gullibility that almost defies belief; but his utter refusal to give serious response to the evidence and the arguments that we have published in issue after issue suggests something other than mere stupidity.

       ‘It was back in 1990 when the above-quoted text was published in The Fatima Crusader. Father Fox has had ample opportunity to answer the nine points that I raised nearly a year and a half ago. Clearly we are not dealing with mere stupidity, but with a lack of honesty on Father Fox’s part, since to date Father Fox persists in his obstinate refusal to answer to the facts and arguments presented a year and a half ago in my article, The Fatima Consecration Hoax, which appeared in the Winter 1990 issue of The Fatima Crusader.’

       “I think Father Paul Leonard has done a great service to the Church by clearly pointing out that the position of Father Fox is completely untenable.

       “Father Fox, despite being challenged to respond twice by Father Paul and The Fatima Crusader, never did reply because there is no answer except to acknowledge that the consecration of Russia was never done.

       “Apart from Father Fox, his imitators and teachers, there is no other official position.

       “The Church has never pronounced that the consecration is done.  In fact, on two separate occasions, Pope John Paul II has publicly acknowledged that the consecration of the world on March 25, 1984 did not fulfill Our Lady of Fatima’s request. (See the news clippings of LOsservatore Romano on March 26, 1984 in the photo section).

       “No one in authority has, in any official way, stated that Our Lady never asked for the consecration of Russia.  No one in authority has ever officially stated that the Church, the Pope and the bishops, are not bound to obey.

       “On the contrary, on May 13, 1982, Pope John Paul II stated publicly ‘The Message of Fatima imposes an obligation on the Church’.17 Pope Pius XII said, ‘Now, the time for doubting Fatima has passed, the hour for action has arrived...’18

       “All we are doing is simply stating, repeating, explaining what the Popes and Our Lady and Our Lord said through the Fatima Message. Our enemies call this divisive because it goes against their own private plans which are in opposition to Our Lord and Our Lady’s publicly pronounced and approved plans for the Church and world peace.  In the light of the strong opposition of a few but well-organized opponents of Fatima in the Vatican, Pope John Paul II feels his hands are tied until he gets more support.

       “Many do not come on the side of Fatima because they do not know of it at all or they are confused by the deceptive propaganda put out by the anti-Fatima forces.  I am very sorry that Our Lady has not yet found someone who is willing and capable enough to demonstrate to the world and the Church membership and hierarchy the only solution there is to the otherwise certain disaster of war, annihilation, torture, enslavement and apostasy.  Please pray that Our Lady gets this message effectively out so that people of good will everywhere will act on it before it is too late.

       “Getting back to your question as to why our work, the promotion of the full Fatima Message, is of such importance, it is because we are living at an historic crossroads, ‘the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel, between Christ and the Antichrist’. Fatima, is our only hope.

       “I conclude with two statements of Jesus given through the Fatima message. ‘Pray a great deal for the Holy Father, he will do it but it will be late.’ It is already very late. We must pray and remember that Jesus also said to Sister Lucy, ‘It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary’.”


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