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The Father Gruner Controversy

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In Defense of Father Gruner: A Summary Statement from the Fatima Center Statement by the Defense Committee
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Public Letter to Cardinal Hoyos - full version Father Gruner replies to Cardinal Hoyos Interview with Father Gruner
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The Art of Pious Calumny A Question of Obedience The Pope and Father Gruner's Case
"In short, Father Gruner and the apostolate were an annoyingly persistent reminder of the teaching of all the Popes before 1960 on the Social Kingship of Christ and the Queenship of Mary. But that teaching had been replaced by the "Spirit of Vatican II", by Ostpolitik and world ecumenism, by "dialogue", "human rights" and the "civilization of love." The new vocabulary could not be at home with the old. All the antiquated pre-conciliar talk of kings and queens, and every knee bending before the Lord, and Russia converting, and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart--all of it was hopelessly out of place in the new arrangements Vatican emissaries had forged with the powers of the world, and most especially the United Nations. It was necessary, then, that Father Gruner and the apostolate be silenced, but not in a way which would call any attention to the underlying questions."
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