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by Malachi Martin

       In the not too distant future, when the definitive history of the 20th Century has been written, there surely will be universal agreement that the focal point of that century's drama and the key to its meaning for the comity of nations, as well as for the salvation of mankind, was an event that took place within the first twenty years of the century, but remained largely unnoticed by the generality of men and women and willfully sidelined by many whose divine vocation it was to announce the advent of Mary's public reign in the history of nations. That keystone event was the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917, at Fatima, in Portugal.

       Many good and holy men and women have woven their destinies in with that Miracle at Fatima, each one contributing their share of effort to make known the glories God intends should surround the name of Mary before the eyes of mankind. We do not know any single individual who has played such a vital role as Father Nicholas Gruner in fomenting the manifest will of God for the latter days of the human race.

       For in the last third of this century, there has been such a concerted effort not only to distort the meaning of that keystone event of 1917, but to nullify a divine mandate on which depend the physical safety of millions and the eternal salvation of more millions. The sole surviving person chosen by the Virgin as special witness of the Miracle and the interpreter of its meaning, the 91-year-old Sister Lucia, has been segregated, maligned, misquoted; she has had bogus letters forged in her name; and, we suspect, on at least one occasion, a bogus Sister Lucia has impersonated the real and living Sister Lucia.

       Against all this disrespect for the Queen of Heaven and neglect of Her mandate, Father Gruner has been the foremost champion. He keeps on reminding everybody—Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, lay people—that the Church, in its Pope and Bishops, has not obeyed the commands of Our Lady; Church authorities have not consecrated Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. Hence, the agony of the Church in the world continues. Fr. Gruner, the Fatima priest, will not allow any of us to forget what we neglected to do in 1960: perform the Consecration of Russia and reveal the near-future chastisements which God is about to unleash on a sinful humanity and on Christians whose faith has grown tepid.

       Father Gruner has suffered ecclesiastical ostracism and persecution by calumnies and slanders, by physical bodily harm. Yet, no power on Earth has made him abandon his vocation as the premier champion of Fatima.

       This book is a partial chronicle of Father Gruner's story. It should be obligatory reading for all bishops and priests.


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