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Author's Preface

       A life founded upon truth is unshakeable. Only a loss of the truth can make us tremble. The Patriarchs and Prophets trembled at the thought of losing God, of not fearing Him enough, of not serving Him enough. They trembled also at seeing His truth denied. Their spiritual children, the Saints of the Church, in defense of His truth, strode singing into blood-drenched arenas, bowed gracefully to the headsman's axe, skipped up the steps to the guillotine, chanted His praises before firing squads. The catalogue of names, numbering in the thousands of thousands who willingly surrendered their life in defense of the truth is a cornerstone of our Catholic heritage. Smiling at death has been the last earthly act of many of our spiritual ancestors.

       Each and every one of them, however, before they could smile at death, had an obstacle to hurdle. They had to harness the force that overcomes the mind and heart of man when truth is denied, a force human nature has in abundance, a force with which the Patriarchs and Prophets and Saints, as Sacred Scripture and Church history thoroughly testify, have been richly supplied by the Creator. They had to harness their anger.

       There is great anger upon the earth today, most of it bearing the hallmark of chaos and unrelenting grief that are the gifts of Lucifer to his earthly cohorts. There is also being raised, however, a sizeable murmur, born of holy anger, that echoes of blood-drenched arenas, the whisper of the swinging axe, the sigh of the plummeting blade. For a lie has been told, a great lie that slanders God. A lie that cuts like a knife. It identifies the friends of God by the wounds they bear after it passes them by. The cutting edge of this fatal whisper is made of three simple words: “Fatima is finished”.

       The purpose of a lie is to hide the truth. The result of a lie is the wounding of those who are seeking the truth, the assaulting of those who are defending the truth, or the discrediting of those who are passing on the truth.

       Our entire lives are built upon truths heard at our mother's knee, truths intoned gently at our bedside in childhood, truths absorbed from family tradition. Upon these foundations rest our past, our present, and our future.

       There are those in the Church and State today who, for unique and specific reasons, conspire to spread the Lie by obliterating the credibility of those who defend Heaven's truth. In their wake, a plague of wounded hearts cries out to Heaven. Our Sacred heritage itself is suspect. Were we lied to at our mother's knee? At the bedside of our childhood? Is the Church not Our Mother? Did She lie to us? Most stagger under the weight of their suspicions. Some crumble. Some begin to disbelieve Heaven itself. Those who neither stumble nor fall under the blow of the Lie, but stay upright, are salting the earth anew with the secret of the Saints—the knowledge that Heaven does not lie.

       When it comes to the Message of Fatima, the stakes are so high, Lucifer himself seems now to be taking a personal hand in attacking Fatima's defenders. In the forefront of the battle, constantly brandishing the banner of Fatima before the ranks of the enemies of Heaven, the International Fatima Rosary Crusade refuses to retreat, withdraw or surrender. Those who have tried to level the Apostolate in the past know that it will remain a formidable foe of the Lie for as long as Father Nicholas Gruner, its founder and director, remains its driving force. Their task then, is to obliterate Father Nicholas Gruner.

       To accomplish this requires silencing a man whose insistence on the necessity of the Pope and bishops of the world to obey the requests of Our Lady of Fatima has made him, arguably, the most controversial priest in the Church today. Who is he? What is he? Why is his destruction important to the enemies of Fatima? Why are they spending so much time, money and energy to eliminate him from the scene? We must look at his personal history to discover the answer.

. . . Francis Alban


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